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Enrichment Opportunities

A good range of visits and visitors extend learning well beyond the classroom"
(Ofsted Report, Oct 2009)


Enrichment is an important part of our provision at Crockenhill because it provides opportunities to develop aspects of the child's learning and experience above and beyond the national curriculum. Enrichment is delivered in a variety of ways:
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Access to enrichment materials

Pupils are given access to the Internet or Library to research a topic more widely.

Opportunities to work with talented adults or older peers

These could include special sessions or workshops run by visiting experts or groups e.g. cricket coaching, a visiting theatre group, artist or author, or ICT experts.


Clubs and societies

Participation in clubs and organised activities can enrich pupils, especially if what they offer expands upon the child’s existing knowledge base e.g. Art Club, Eco Green Giants, Football Club.


Visits by pupils to see specialists or places of interest e.g. Carroty Wood residential outdoor adventure trip, Victorian experience day at Horton Kirby. 

Performing & Broadcasting

Children from all year groups have opportunities to perform to other pupils, parents and the wider community e.g. nativity play, year 6 leavers production, carol concerts, Crockenhill TV news broadcasts, assemblies.

Feature days/weeks or festivals

Such events can showcase work in a particular area. e.g. Maths or Outdoor Adventure Week where each class participates in activities including mapping skills, orienteering, team co-operation, and meeting challenges.


These could be either inter-class/year/house or community, and either cross-curricular or confined to a particular subject area e.g. art competitions, sports day, talent show.