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Maths Week

Last week all the classes took part in maths week. Each class

had a maths challenge to complete. Here they are:

Year R: The most peas a child in this class could hold in one hand is 100 is this true?

Year 1: The longest blades of grass grow on the edge of the field. Is this true?

Year 2: The length of your elbow to your wrist is the same as the length or your foot. Is this true?

Year 3: Silver cars are the most common car colour. Is this true?

Year 4: You would not be able to pick up a bag containing 50,000 paper clips. Is this true?

Year 5: You would need 500 bags of peas to cover the hall floor. Is this true?

Year 6: The circumference of a wheel is 3 and a bit times its diameter. Is this true?


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