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School Clubs

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 "Pupils move around the school sensibly and play at break times with care and consideration for each other. This good behaviour is also evident in the before and after school club, where pupils of different ages play happily together." 
(Ofsted Report, March 2015) 

At Crockenhill we offer a wide range of extra-curricular sporting clubs as well as other clubs such as art club and various languages clubs. Children from these clubs are frequently given opportunities to participate in inter-school matches, tournaments and competitions. We are extremely proud of our excellent record in these events.Through our involvement with the Dartford School Sports Partnership, we are able to offer children coaching and taster sessions in other sports such as Golf and Multi-skills.


Crockenhill has gained the Sport England Activemark Award every year since 2004 for exceptional delivery of sport.

Timetable of Clubs and After-School Activities at Crockenhill

Clubs marked with an * are run by outside agencies and a fee may be applicable. Activities are available throughout the year unless stated.

Breakfast Club/After-School Club**

To find our more about Breakfast Club, please click on the link below:-
Day Club Run By Time Term Year Group
All Breakfast Club* Mrs Bradley, Mrs Wise & Mrs Bristow 8:00am - 9:00am All All
  CASPERS - After School Mrs Bradley 3:15pm - 5:30pm All All
Monday Speed Stacking Miss Taplin 12:30pm Aut 2 & 3
  Netball Miss Welsford 3:30pm Aut-Spr 5 & 6
  Computer Xplorers* Mr Cooper 3:20pm All 1-3
  KS2 Drama Miss Franklin & Miss Dixie   Spr 1&2 3-6
  Dance Club External Instructor 3.30pm Aut 1/2 3 & 4
  Rounders Club Mrs Andrews 12.00pm Sum 1/2 5 & 6
Tuesday Maths Booster Mrs Higgs & Mrs Kimble 8.15am Aut 1/2 6
  Maths  Booster Mrs Simber 8.15am Aut 1/2 5
  Website Club Miss Angus 12.30pm All 6
  Speed Stacking Miss Taplin 12.30pm Aut-Spr 1 ,2 & 3
  Tag Rugby Mrs Simber 12.00pm Aut 1 5 & 6
  After School Football External instructors 3.20pm All 5 & 6
Wednesday Homework Club Teachers 12:30pm All 1-6
  Quiet Club Mrs Hart & Mrs Everest 12.30pm All All
  Computer Xplorers' Mr Cooper 3.30pm All 1-3
  Running Club Mrs Andrews 12.00pm Sum 1/2 5 & 6
Thursday Multiskills Club Miss Angus & Mrs Brown 3.30 Aut 1/2 1 & 2
  Gardening Club Mrs Warshow 12:30pm All KS2
Friday Tag Rugby Mrs Simber 12:00pm Aut-Spr 5 &  6
  Rounders Mrs Andrew 12:00pm Sum 5 &  6