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Week beginning Monday 29th November

This week, the  work builds on the activities covered last week, which are now at the bottom of this page. 


You will need to open up the 'WONDERFUL WIZARDS BOOKLET' above. All of the work for this week is based on this booklet. Although not necessary, print the booklet and you can complete the activities as you work through the week. Alternatively complete the tasks on paper. 


Monday 29th November - Read page 10 of the booklet.

First - Copy out the advert (p12) and add in adjectives from (p11)

Next - As above but now make the advert sound negative

Then- Power of Three, make up some of your own sentences using three adjectives, look at the example on (p12)


Tuesday 30th November  - Read the Weasel phrase on (p13)

First - Use the 'Weasel' phrases to write some sentences about the Wizard Hotel.

Next - Bossy Imperative verbs, underline the bossy verbs in the text ( top of p14) 

Then - Ask leading question, make up 5 leading questions about Crockenhill School 


Wednesday 1st December  - Alliterations (p15) 

First - Make up 6 slogans that could be used in an advert (look at the examples on p15)

Next - Read through p16 then complete the activity and design your own school  (p16)

Then - Practice your weekly spellings 


Thursday 2nd December  -Advertisements (p17)

First - complete the planning section on how you are going to advertise your school (p17) 

Next - Write your advert for your school. Use all of the planning tips on (p18)  and your own ideas

Then -  Get an adult/ sibling to test you on your weekly spellings 


Friday 3rd December  - News-reporting (p19) 

First - Read the news report on (p19) and look at how the 5Ws are used.

Next - Write a news report using the 5Ws about a successful wizard

Then - Write a news report using the 5Ws about  anything else ( use the example from p20 to help you)





Wednesday  24th, Thursday  25th & Friday  26th November

Read through the Wonderful Wizard Booklet up to page 10. 

Then begin completing the activities from 1 - 8 in order.

Make sure you use the activity number as your sub-heading.

Some activities will take longer than others and you may not get through all of them by Friday.

Don't rush. I want quality over quantity!