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Foundation Subjects

Please find below a range of lessons we are covering in class at the moment.  As far as possible, follow the lesson presentations or guidance notes and complete the activities to the best of your ability.  Some files have multiple sheets, differentiated for different abilities.  Please choose an activity that challenges you - not too easy but not too hard either! I am aware that you may not have some of the equipment at home, such as magnets or atlases, to do the practical investigations.  Please just do whatever you can.  I have tried to source some short video clips to accompany the learning.  We have enjoyed watching and discussing these in class.

Science - Forces and Magnets


In French we have been learning our numbers up to 12 and the days of the week.  This revision lesson on Oak Academy will help you to practice saying how old you are.


Learn French colours. In this French lesson, Cindy, a native French teacher, teaches you the colours in French. Stop the video when you reach 3 mins 11 seconds into the video.

Numbers 1-20 in French (Song)

Last term we learned how to say the numbers 1 - 10 in French.  This week we will continue learning the numbers up to 20.  The video above covers all of the numbers up to 20 in a song.