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Foundation - Thursday & Friday

Thursday 2nd December  - DRAMA 

You know the story of Beowulf, so you will enjoy taking part in this drama lesson! Its just a shame I won't be able to see you ... unless you send in  photographs of yourself doing the actions! 

Friday 3rd December  - RE


This week we are continuing to learnt about places of worship for Christians. Read through the PowerPoint below and learn about what churches are for and the similarities and differences between them. Then can you please make a list of features of a Baptist Church and an Anglican Church. Follow the example beneath the Powerpoint. 

Friday 3rd December  - French


Today, we would like you to follow Oak Academy Lesson 2, learning some more about foods in French. Follow the video and write down the words on paper where you can. Bon chance! (Good luck!)

Thursday 25.11.2021


We are starting a new topic, based on where people can go to pray. (It will include different places of worship and special places for atheists and agnostics later in the topic.) Today we will watch the video from the Oak Academy, which reminds us of features of a church and shows us some famous churches. Please don’t worry about the quiz at the beginning – you may not know the answers, but please watch the video to be shown the features of the church.

Friday 26.11.2021


We have been learning about French food in our lessons so far this half term. Follow the link to the Oak Academy website and learn how to say some foods and phrases in French.