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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.


Arranging a visit

Prospective parents are welcome to come and visit our school to meet the headteacher, staff and children and to look around the school as well as ask questions and discuss any concerns they may have. Each year we have two Open Mornings for prospective parents of children approaching school age, but if you would prefer an individual tour of the school please telephone to arrange an appointment.   

How to Apply for a Place at the School

Children approaching school age

The arrangements for the admission of children into the reception year are made by the admissions section in the Local Authority. All children are admitted in the academic year of their fifth birthday. The Reception Common Application Form (RCAF) will be sent to parents/carers by the local authority during the academic year before a child’s fifth birthday. The procedures are all outlined in the KCC booklet “Admission to Primary School” which accompanies the RCAF. The RCAF allows you to name up to three schools, and you return it by a specified closing date, either to one of the schools or direct to the Kent Primary Admission Team. The local authority will inform parents in March if the their child has a place at the school for the coming academic year (this includes both September and January intake). If Crockenhill is oversubscribed, as it is most years, then the Local Authority’s admission criteria will be applied. Parents whose children have been refused admission have the right of appeal and will be informed of the appeals procedure by letter. 

Children already of School Age (i.e. Transferring from another school)

If you decide that Crockenhill is the right school for your child, you will be asked to complete an application form, available from the school office. If there is a place available, your child can be admitted without delay. If a place is not available, you will be given information about how to proceed. On the application form you will be asked to give information about your child’s previous school. We can then contact the school and ask for records to be forwarded onto us.

Admission arrangements for disabled pupils

Parents of disabled pupils are asked to give details of the disability when considering a place at the school. The Headteacher will arrange a meeting to discuss the ways in which the child’s disability might hinder them from taking a full part in the life of the school and the ways in which such difficulties could be overcome. If the school is considered appropriate, a place will be offered under the same admission criteria as for other children, although special arrangements may require additional time to put in place. Once the child has been offered and has accepted a place, the Headteacher will then make the necessary arrangements to enable the child to participate fully in all lessons and activities.