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Class Kandinsky (Year 1)

Welcome to Class Kandinsky


To the New World...and beyond.  We are being intrepid explorers this term and we hope you enjoy our travels!




This term, Class Kandinsky are learning all about explorers.  We begin our journey in the time of Christopher Columbus, looking at his sea voyages, discoveries and the impact of his adventures on others.  We have already learnt about where and when he was born, where he travelled to and what it might have been like to travel on a ship in 1492.  Last week, the children pretended to be sailors on board Columbus' ships when they wrote a diary entry in role.  We have also been reading a book called 'The Great Explorer' by Chris Judge.  This story sees a young boy called Tom set out on an exciting adventure to find his father (an explorer) who has disappeared.  You can ask the children to see if they can remember what happens in the story!  There is also a link to the book trailer video further down this page.



Towards the end of this term, and in Term 4, we will be moving to a more recent period of history to learn about Neil Armstrong and his moon landing.

Our class arrangements continue to be the same, with Mrs Jones teaching Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Brown teaching on Thursday and Friday.  Our teaching assistant is Ms Fosker and Miss Rennie teaches our class for half a day every other Thursday. 


Thank you for all your support at home with reading and homework.  We look forward to seeing you at Parent Appointments on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd February, our Creative Afternoon on Wednesday 1st March and our Class Assembly on Thursday 23rd March at 9.20am. 



Daily Planner

Monday         Indoor PE


Wednesday   Homework due in.  Library time in class.

Thursday       Miss Rennie in class every other Thursday afternoon.

Friday            Outdoor PE.  Spelling Test.  Spellings and homework set.  Book Buddies with Class Turner.
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The Great Explorer by Chris Judge

When a famous explorer goes missing in the North Pole, his son, Tom, decides he must find him...