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In the Spring Terms we will be learning about Explorers, through our topic and English lessons. We will learn about the lives of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong, transport they used and geography from around the world. We are attempting (!) to build an igloo using plastic milk bottles in our role play area too! If you have any spares, particularly of the 4 pint size, please send them in.

Parent Overview Spring Terms

New Homework Sheet Spring 1 Year 1

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In Autumn 2 we learnt about toys and comparing those from the past with modern day equivalents. We looked at what materials toys were made from and the properties of these as well. We had a role play area set up as a toy shop where children used their vocabulary they learnt through the topic. 


Toys Topic Parent Overview For Autumn 2

The World And Me Topic


In Autumn 1, we learnt about the different countries around the world, looking at maps, globes and atlases. We also shared our postcards that were sent in, and demonstrate where on the map of the U.K. or World they are from. We also learnt about the continents of the world and where the equator lays. We learnt geographical vocabulary to describe physical features too.  

Parent Overview of The World And Me Aut 1

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