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Class Kandinsky (Year 1)

Overview For Parents - To The New World And Beyond Topic

To The New World And Beyond


Our topic for the Spring terms (running from January until Easter) will be To The New World And Beyond. We will focus on the life and achievements of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. In class we will be reading books linked to the topic. The writing the children produce will be in a variety of styles, including newspaper article, letters and poems. 


For a parent's overview to the topic please follow the link found above.






Our Topic


Term 2's topic up[ until Christmas was Toys. All our English Science, History and Art and D.T. learning came from the topic. We made a display of old toys and looked at different materials used to make old and new toys and the reasons for it. 


The first half term, our topic was The World and Me.

We will learnt about different environments around the world, such as under the sea, jungle, space and woodland. Our class books, that our English work were based around, were linked carefully to our topic. We read the following core texts: The Paperbag Princess, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Monkey Puzzle, Smiley Shark, Peace at Last and Goodnight Spaceman


Welcome to Class Kandinsky


Why are we called Kandinsky?


All the classes at Crockenhill Primary School are named after famous artists. In Year One we are named after Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian artist who was born in 1886 and died in 1944. After training to be a lawyer, Kandinsky decided to retrain as an artist and was influenced by the impressionist paintings of Claude Monet. In 1909, Kandinsky began to think that a painting did not need a particular subject and that shapes and colours alone could be art. Over several years, he began to experiment with what became known as Abstract Art.


Daily Planner

Monday         Outdoor PE. Spelling Test. Homework due back in.

Tuesday      Computing and Library Time

Wednesday   Homework sent out

Thursday       Indoor PE

Friday            Outdoor PE.  Book Buddies with Class Turner.



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