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Welcome to Class Monet

Class teacher – Miss Angus
Teaching assistants – Mrs Andrew Monday/Tuesday

Mrs Hart Tuesday (pm)/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday

PPA cover (Tuesday pm) – Mrs Andrews


Great Fire of London

This term we have been learning all about the Great Fire of London.  We have been transported back to 1666 to find out what happened on Sunday 2nd September at Thomas Farrinor's bakery.  We have found out why the fire spread so quickly, how it was eventually stopped and what happened after the fire.  We created our own version of Pudding Lane with Tudor houses that were built close together.  Look what happened!

Pudding Lane Burns!

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Class Monet designed and built their own version of Pudding Lane and the fire was recreated with much excitement! The children learned just how fast fire spreads and how dangerous it can be. NEVER TRY THIS AT HOME WITHOUT AN ADULT PRESENT.

Woodland Wildlife


Our Spring term topic is science based, investigating our local woodland and grassland habitats as well as learning more about common plants and trees.  We have been pond dipping in Lullingstone Country Park and explored hidden habitats.  We are also excited about the frogspawn Mr Everest has brought in for us.  Keep checking back to see how they are developing.





Class Assembly

We really enjoyed telling our families and the rest of the school all about the things we have been learning in Year 2 this year.

Horrible Histories Henry VIII song

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Stop, Look, Listen, Think

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British Council song to support road safety

World Book Day

Class Monet have been reading Olga da Polga and written their own poem about Olga's nightmare. 


Towering carrots thundering past

Walls of thistles closing in

Razor sharp teeth gleaming in the night

Wake me, wake me from this nightmare.


Creepy ghost sneaking up on a monster

Ugly blood wolf in the monstrous house

Shadowy fire lit badger frightening children

Wake me, wake me from this nightmare.


Deep spooky lava bubbling out of muddy puddles

Courageous pointy fierce fanged monster

Wolf of death with ragged teeth

Wake me, wake me from this nightmare.

Riotous Royalty


Our topic in the Autumn term was Riotous Royalty. We learned about the Kings and Queens of England and all the things they got up to! We visited Leeds Castle and learned more about Henry VIII and his six wives. 

Here's a song to help you learn about the royals!


Horrible Histories Kings and Queens Song

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Challenge: Can you learn all the lyrics?

Class Mascot


Monet is really looking forward to staying with some of you this year. He can't wait to see who he gets to go home with next! Don't forget to fill in Monet's diary. 




2 x Table Song

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5 x Table Song

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10 x Table Song

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