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Class van Gogh (Year 6)

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Welcome to Van Gogh Class


Our teacher is Mrs Higgs and our TA is Mrs Fosker.  Mrs Brown also teaches the class Thursday afternoons and Fridays. On alternate Tuesday afternoons, Mrs Brown will also be our teacher.


Due to following a creative curriculum, wherever possible, all subjects this term will be linked to our 'Shaking States' topic. The main focus of the this unit of work is North America and Earthquakes.


This term, we are basing our English learning around the text, 'There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom' by Louis Sachar. We have been building up a character profile for Bradley, who is the main protagonist in the book and writing in role. Our main outcome for this term, will be to write a follow-up chapter from the perspective of Jeff (supporting character in the book). We will produce a range of outcomes based on this and related texts.


 Homework this year will be handed out by Friday. Where possible, homework will be linked to topics covered in class, this means all children should be able to complete it successfully and activities should be able to be carried out independently. Year 5/6 spellings lists have been given out and children will also be given weekly spellings to learn.




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