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Phonics and Reading


Phonics and Reading at Crockenhill Primary School

In this section we aim to:

  • Share how phonics is taught

  • Develop parents’ confidence in helping their children with phonics and reading

  • Teach the basics of phonics and some useful phonics terms

  • Outline the stages in phonic development

  • Give an insight of the Year 1 phonic test

  • Give ideas of how you can support your child at home


Daily Phonics

  • Every day the children in EYFS and Year 1 will have between 20 – 30-minute sessions of phonics.

  • Fast paced approach.

  • We use the Letters and Sounds planning document to support the teaching of phonics and Jolly Phonics



We believe reading to be the key to the curriculum and therefore place great emphasis on the early acquisition of the necessary skills. As children enter Year 1, they continue to build on their phonic knowledge by continuing with the Systematic Synthetic Phonic programme, Letters and Sounds. This is run in conjunction with a structured reading scheme within the school, with our core scheme being the Oxford Reading Tree. Parents are introduced to this scheme at the parents' meeting and are given advice on how to support their child at home.  Children also access Read, Write, Inc., a phonics intervention programme, if additional support is required.


Parental support with reading is invaluable. As well as acquiring the necessary reading skills, we try to engender a love of books, and to this end children are introduced to our exciting library in a planned way from Reception onwards.
A school library has been provided adjacent to the computer suite by our School Association. This gives children the opportunity to borrow books in the same way as they use their local library. The school encourages adults to hear children read at school and appreciates all offers of help.  Every Friday afternoon children get the chance to share a book with a Book Buddy from another year group.  Additionally, a child is nominated by the Class Teacher every term to receive a Community Reading Award certificate.  This is a scheme sponsored by Mr & Mrs Vousden and a draw is made at a special assembly for one of the seven children to receive a Book Token.  This scheme recognises not only the children that have demonstrated a real love of reading, but also those that have shown commitment and perseverence to improving their reading skills.