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School Uniform

We believe uniforms provide a sense of belonging for students. They are helpful in fostering a good learning environment and can promote the ethos of a school.

They can also reduce peer pressure at school for the latest clothes and help children feel settled in the learning environment, but we recognise they can be costly for parents, which is why we’ve put in guidance for schools to manage costs down.

Here’s what you need to know about your child’s school uniform:


Our uniform can all be bought from supermarkets as well as clothes chains.  Any branded clothing with the Crockenhill Primary School logo on can be purchased from TFS clothing in Dartford -

There is no requirement to purchase branded items.

If you want to upcycle or donate pre-loved uniform you can donate on the last Wednesday of every month. Please talk to our Parent Association - contactable via the school office - who manage this on our behalf.


School Uniform Policy