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Year 1 Phonics Screening

What is the Phonics Screening Check?

  • Children in Year 1 throughout the country will all be taking part
  • phonics screening check during the same week in June
  • Children in Year 2 will also take the check if they did not achieve the required result when in Year 1 or they have not taken the test before.
  • The phonics screening check is designed to confirm whether individual children have learnt sufficient phonic decoding and blending skills to an appropriate standard.


What Happens During the Test?

  • The test contains 40 words
  • Each child will sit one to one and read each word aloud to a teacher
  • The test will take approximately 10 minutes per child
  • The list of words the children read is a combination of 20 real words and 20 pseudo words (nonsense words).


Pseudo Words (Nonsense words)

The pseudo words will be shown to your child with a picture of an alien. This provides the children with a context for the pseudo word which is independent from any existing vocabulary they may have. Pseudo words are included because they will be new to all pupils; they do not favour children with a good vocabulary knowledge or visual memory of words.

Year 1 Phonics Screening Papers