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Year 5

Year 5 Overview

Please note: objectives covered in class will not always match with the published week/day on White Rose Maths. Please locate the appropriate video to match the Lessons being taught on the days you are absent.


Additional tasks to support class lessons will also be uploaded to MyMaths.

Update: Thursday 1st October 2020

Tasks, in addition to homework activities, have been uploaded to MyMaths.  Your login details are the same as last year, but if you have mislaid them, please email Miss Angus on the class email account or telephone the school office.  Thank you.

Year 5 Maths - Autumn Term - Place value

Year 5 Maths - Autumn Term - Addition and subtraction

Year 5 Maths - Autumn Term - Statistics

Year 5 Maths - Autumn Term - Multiplication and division

Year 5 Maths - Autumn Term - Perimeter and area