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Year 1 – 

Tuesday's Easter Challenge -  07.04.20

Are you up for a  new challenge?

We would like you to have a go at designing your own Easter bonnet. If you have some crafty bits at home, you could have a go at making one. Or maybe you could collect some natural resources in your garden or on your daily walk and use those.

If not, then we have attached some templates below, that you could print out and design on, or draw your own. Be as imaginative as you like! Please do send us photos of your bonnets. You never know, you may even get to see a photo of ours!

Easter Bonnet design templates

Picture 1

Fancy an Easter Dot to Dot? Try one of these to practise counting in 5s!



Hello everyone!

Today the Easter break officially started, so we just wanted to wish you all a happy and safe holiday. We will still continue to post a fun activity idea on here each day in case you are looking for something to do and we would still love to hear from you via the class email and see photos of what you have been up to.

Remember to be kind to one another...….. and try not to eat too much chocolate. wink

Please email us more photos of yourselves, if your parent is happy for them to appear on our slideshow. 

Do you fancy some Easter baking?

Do you fancy some Easter baking? 1

Action For Happiness Calendar

                                                                Action For Happiness Calendar 1

Calling All Year One Lego Challengers!!

Calling All Year One Lego Challengers!! 1 Sorry, this image isn't clear. Try to google it?

Days of the Week Song | The Singing Walrus

We have been learning a Days of the Week song. If you can remember it, sing that to your parent. If not, this is a different song. When you think you know them in the right order, practise how to spell them. Maybe you could write the day out each day until we are back at school to practise how to spell them. Some are easy, like Sunday, but others are tricky, such as Wednesday. Always remember they MUST start with a capital letter.

Months Of The Year Song

We have been learning the correct order of the months of the year. Practise this song, and then ask a grown up to test you with questions like, "What months comes before August? What month comes after December? What month is 3 months after March?"

Penguin Song

Here's something to brighten your day! This song goes well with our Explorer and Antarctica topic!!! Enjoy this mad song. We challenge you to learn it without laughing!!!! :-)

Spring Terms Parent Overview

Welcome To The Year Group Power Point