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Welcome to Class Monet !

 Year 2 – 

Class teacher – Miss Welsford
Teaching Assistant – Mrs Griffin (Mon-Thu am) 

PPA cover (Thursday pm) – Mrs Longley


Hi Class Monet!                                                                              Updated Monday 13th July


Work will continue to be uploaded on our class page each week, however, I am now back in school full time working with Year 6, so will be unavailable during the day.  Please do still email with any questions you have or work that you have done, I will be checking emails at lunchtime and after school.  Even though I will now be teaching Year 6 during the day, I will still be making sure that I can support you all with anything you need.


Thank you for all the emails, photos and videos I have received.  We really enjoy seeing what you've been up to, so please keep emailing us!  Check out the photo section underneath the set work to see what your friends have been doing.  Also remember to check out the videos in the video section of the school website.  Watch how the tadpoles (or frogs!) are getting on.


We hope to see you soon.  Take care and stay safe.

Miss Welsford, Mrs Griffin and Mrs Longley



Please have a go at the Maths games on the SumDog website to help our class in the national competition.  All the information can be found in the document below.

Exciting News!

JK Rowling is releasing a new book.  'The Ickabog' will be published for free online, a chapter or two at a time.  She has asked children all over the country to draw the illustrations that will go inside the printed versions.  I thought this was a fun opportunity for you to discover a new book and get involved with something creative.  Also, all proceeds from the sale of the published copies coming out in November will go to supporting people affected by Coronavirus.

Several chapters are already on the website linked below. Details about what to draw and where to send it are all on the website.  This is an optional activity, but one I thought you might really enjoy. Please do send me a copy of any pictures you or your siblings create, I'd love to see how you get on.


Find below this week's home learning.  If you can, please try and prioritise the English and Maths activities each day.  Tasks for Foundation subjects and activities uploaded onto the online websites are optional and are there for you to choose from if you would like to complete some extra learning.  We understand that in most households, you will have a few children completing different tasks, as well as parents working from home, and so we are not expecting all of the posted activities to be completed.  The most important thing during this time is that everyone takes care of their mental health and well-being, stays happy and has time to have fun with their family.

Please complete all learning in the learning book you took home before Easter.  If you need a new book, you can pick one up from school.  Please remember to write and underline the date before completing each piece of work, and remember to set your work out neatly, with neat cursive handwriting (just like you would in school).  You can print out activities if you wish, but this is not necessary as the majority of activities can be completed without printing.  If you require copies of previous learning, please let me know and I can email them to you.


Summer Term 2 Week 7 (Monday 13th July - Friday 17th July)



This week's Maths tasks are below.  Please find the videos that link to each task on the video section of the school website under 'Year 2 Maths'.


Also look out for any additional videos (on the video section of the school website) that I will post on some days to give some extra help.  You can either print out the activities to answer on the sheet and then stick in your learning books, or you can write your work straight into your book without printing anything out.  If answering the questions in your learning book, please number your answers clearly, so it is easy to see which question you are answering.


The following activities are optional and we are not expecting them all to be completed.  They are there to give you some extra learning if you would like to give them a try.  They will be changed each week with new tasks.

Reading Comprehension

Below are some short reading comprehension activities.  Choose which ones you would like to do.  Answers are in the same document as the text and questions.



The following activities are to be completed over the whole term.  They are optional and we are not expecting them all to be completed.  They are there to give you some extra learning if you would like to give them a try.


This term our History topic is The Great Fire Of London.  Below you will find lots of activities linking to this topic.  The activities will not change weekly, but will stay up for the whole term and will be added to regularly.  There are a lot of different activities so I'm hoping everyone will find a few they will think are interesting to complete.  You do not need to complete them all, but please check back regularly to check out any new activities added.

*NEW activities added*


Here is the gingerbread cat recipe from the 'Nice Work for the Cat and the King' story, if you would like to give it a try.

My Maths/Education City/RMEasimaths/Times Tables Rockstars

If you would like to do some extra learning, these websites are still available for you to use.  All logins should be stuck in the front of your home learning books.  Please let me know if you are having trouble logging in to any of these sites.

My Maths - I will be adding extra activities onto there throughout the term.  Some will link to the Maths topics for this term, others will be revision of topics we learnt in school.  There is also a games section on there with lots of different games for you to play.

Education City - I will be adding some extra activities onto there throughout the term.  There are currently some extra English tasks for you to have a go at, as well as some activities to help with your times tables.  There are also some Maths games where you can compete against other children.

RMEasimaths - Maths sessions (approx. 15mins long each) are still available for you to try. 

Times Tables Rockstars - A fun way of helping you learn your times tables - how many do you know?


Summer Term 2 Week 6 (Monday 6th - Friday 10th July)



Times Tables

Below are this week's times tables.  It is a mixed test of dividing by 2, 5 and 10.  Try and complete it like we would the times tables test in school.  Now we should mostly feel confident knowing these times tables, try and complete the whole task in 2-3minutes (about 5seconds per question).  Make sure you are accurate with your answers and don't rush it too much.  As always, I would love to hear your scores.


Here is the spellings list for term 6.  Please have a look at each list and have a go at practising and learning the spellings.  It would be great if one of your grown-ups could do a spelling test with you once a week or watch the spelling test video, and I would love to hear what your scores are!


The dates at the top of each column relate to when we would have done the test in school.  Some spellings lists will also have a video explaining the rule.

Reading Comprehension


VE Day 75th Anniversary 08/05/20

Friday 8th May 2020 is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.  Find below lots of fun activities to learn about and celebrate VE Day.  Activities will be added to and updated throughout the week.  Also look out for a video on the video section of the school website later on in the week.

- Research VE Day (document below with some questions to help you get started)

- Make some bunting to display to celebrate VE Day (template below)

- Create a menu that could be eaten at a VE Day street party

- Make a Union Jack Flag

- Complete the VE Day wordsearch

- Make a Spitfire glider (template below)

- Find out about some games children would have played 75 years ago

- Learn a song that was sung at the end of WWII

Picture Collage Information


My sister is a nurse on the children's ward at our local hospital.  They have been asking children and schools to create colourful pictures to brighten up the ward and make the staff and children there smile during this time.  If you would like to help me with this, create a colourful piece of artwork using pencils or paints, maybe sticking on different materials, or even design it on the computer, the choice is up to you.  When you have finished, take a picture of your artwork and send it to our class email.  I will then make a class collage out of all the artwork to email to the children's ward so they can print it off to use.  Please do not include your name or photo as I will be writing that it is from Crockenhill and we don't want children to be identified.  Thanks.


Please ignore the address on the picture; email your pictures, do not post them.

Useful Links

Class Mascot


Monet is really looking forward to staying with some of you this year. He can't wait to see who he gets to go home with next! Don't forget to fill in Monet's diary and bring it back in on Wednesday so it can be shared with the class.




Leeds Castle Trip

Black History Month

Circus Workshop

2 x Table Song

Still image for this video

Counting in 2s

2 Times Table Song

5 x Table Song

Still image for this video

10 x Table Song

Still image for this video

Horrible Histories Kings and Queens Song

Still image for this video
Challenge: Can you learn all the lyrics?


Stop, Look, Listen, Think

Still image for this video
British Council song to support road safety



Please note that the first five questions on the maths reasoning papers are aural.  these are read out to the children in class.

Useful websites to support home learning