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Class Monet (Year 2)



Welcome to Class Monet !

 Year 2 – 

Class teacher – Mrs L. Hudson (Everyday except Tuesday)

Mrs C Hudson (Tuesday and Wed PM)
Teaching Assistant – Mrs Waterman (Every morning and Mon, Tues & Thurs PM) 

Week 5


Happy Monday and welcome to Week 5! It's National Children's Mental Health Week this week. We have uploaded a link to a virtual assembly on the Google Classroom Stream. Also, every day we will suggest alternatives to the work set, so that if it's all getting a bit too much, there is something practical you could do instead.  


We are so impressed with all your work you uploaded last week. We love to ese the other bits you're doing such as completing puzzles, making your own lunch and learning your times tables.  We've given some kind of praise or feedback for each piece of work which should come up as a private comment next to the piece of work. If you check back to the day before's piece of work, you will see a comment.


As always, if something doesn't work, something is missing that you need, you need help in any way, please email, or phone the Office and they will happily help you. 


See you at 10am on Zoom!laugh 

Spellings for Spring 1 - your child is in the same group as last term, but if you are unsure which spellings you should be learning, please email the Year 2 email address.



Phonics Play have made their website free again- hurrah!

Please feel free to let your children play the games and activities online whenever you choose. We may also direct you to certain activities on some days as part of phonic and reading practice.


The log in details are:

Username: jan21

Password: home


The previous login of march20/home will also still work.

10 x Table Song

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This is an optional extra to the work set on Google Classroom.


Homework begins in the Spring Term in Year 2. In addition to reading at least 4 days a week, and practising spellings,  we have supplied the Challenge homework sheet above. Normally, we would give out a reading comprehension, a handwriting sheet and a piece of Maths to do as homework every Friday which would be completed in their Handwriting books. Due to the latest Lockdown however, we will not be able to give these out, but you could do some of the other challenges on the sheets and complete them in the Home Learning yellow books we provided for you in November. When we are back at school, we will hand those sheets and Homework books out as we had intended.


Factfile template for Spring term homework - you can use more than one for different challenges. More info to come!

2 x Table Song

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Counting in 2s

2 Times Table Song

5 x Table Song

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Horrible Histories Kings and Queens Song

Still image for this video
Challenge: Can you learn all the lyrics?



Please note that the first five questions on the maths reasoning papers are aural.  these are read out to the children in class.

Useful websites to support home learning