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Class Monet (Year 2)



Welcome to Class Monet !

 Year 2 – 

Class teacher – Mrs L. Hudson (Everyday except Tuesday)

Mrs C Hudson (Tuesday and Wed PM)
Teaching Assistant – Mrs Waterman (Every morning and Mon, Tues & Thurs PM) 

W.C. 07.09.2020


I will try to upload work for children here so that those isolating can follow it. 


Phonics - Please use Phase 3 and 5 on Phonics Play and also I have uploaded games on Education City - usernames are as last year but their passwords are now : year2


English- we have been writing postcards and letters so you could do that. Also we have been debating whether the countryside should be built upon. Then we have written our opinions. Eg. I think that the countryside should not be built on because it is beautiful. Or, I think that cities and towns are a good idea, because people aren't lonely because there are lots of people around and things to do. Spelling test on Monday the 14- words in the useful documents lower down the page. Email me if you are unsure on which group your child is in.   The email address for Year 2 is at the top of this page. 


Maths- We have been doing place value- again, there are games on Education City. Also I will upload some sheets from this week to give you an idea. 



Welcome Back!!


It is so nice to be back together, even if it isn’t completely back to normal yet. I am very excited to be introducing new topics and this half term our topic will be a History based called Riotous Royals. Our classroom is lovely with our own bathroom; ensuite as I like to think of it! There are two toilets and we have three sinks.


Our Maths and English will revise what we have learnt during Year 1, including the parts of the curriculum covered during Lockdown, and move on to the Year 2 Curriculum as the children are ready. No matter where the children are at, we will be supporting them to fill the gaps in their learning and help them reach their potential,as we would do in any academic year, but never has that been mor important than now!


At the moment, the Government are planning to hold the Phonic Screening Check in early November. The children would have completed it in June 2020 had all schools not been closed during part of the spring and summer terms. Continue to use the same log in for Phonics Play as there are some great games in there, that we play regularly in class. Phase 5 are the key sounds to practise.


Below I have attached useful documents such as the spelling lists, useful websites for your child to continue learning during the evenings, weekends, and school holidays. I will also add more games to Education City and your new log-ins will be stuck inside your child’s reading contact book. Generally, the games at the top will be easier – and Year 1 based, and the further down you go, the harder they will be.


At the bottom of the page are useful documents such as a copy of the National Curriculum set by the Government for Year 2, a list of Common Exception Words that children are expected to be able to read and spell to be at the expected level by the end of Year 2. I have also included examples of SATs level papers in case the Government decides to go ahead with testing at the end of the year. 


I will also add the Parent Overview so you can see what aspects of the curriculum we will be aiming to learn this half term. There will be no Welcome To the Year Group Meeting this year, but we will add a Powerpoint to this page instead. Both will be added by next week (14.09.2020).

Class Monet

Our current seating positions!

2 x Table Song

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Counting in 2s

2 Times Table Song

5 x Table Song

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10 x Table Song

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Horrible Histories Kings and Queens Song

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Challenge: Can you learn all the lyrics?


Stop, Look, Listen, Think

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British Council song to support road safety



Please note that the first five questions on the maths reasoning papers are aural.  these are read out to the children in class.

Useful websites to support home learning