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Class Monet (Year 2)



Welcome to Class Monet !

 Year 2 – 

Class teacher – Mrs L. Hudson (Everyday except Tuesday)

Mrs C Hudson (Tuesday and Wed PM)
Teaching Assistant – Mrs Waterman (Every morning and Mon, Tues & Thurs PM) 

We are going to attempt a virtual Nativity which we will film and record for you to enjoy safely at home. Your child is bringing home a laminated line or two to learn this evening - and should be in their bookbags. Please help them to learn it. It doesn't have to be exact - so if the line is 

"This is the story of the very first Christmas. It happened more than two thousand years ago in a town called Nazareth." but they changed it to "This is the story of the first Christmas that happened 2000 years ago. It happened in Nazareth." that would be fine!


It isn't going to be a west end production but we will wear some costumes - we have what we need and we will ask Narrators to bring in a top to wear- it could be a Christmas jumper or any long or short sleeved top. We can't sing as much this year so we will aim to do one song, and possibly some fun actions to go with it too. I will let you know when it is online. 


Please can you keep the laminated bits of their lines in their bookbags, so that we can practise it in class every day. The only thing your child needs to bring in is their any sounds/Tricky words that some children may have, their reading book, purple reading contact book and their lines, so everything else can stay at home, please. 


Thank you. 

Christmas Has Arrived!

The Elf arrived with 15 wrapped presents for us. We opened the first today and it's a Christmas book. Perhaps ours isn't a naughty elf and is instead a kind elf??!

Year 2 - Autumn 2


Our next topic will be called Lest We Forget, a History based around Remembrance Day. We will be learning about why we remember these events and how we celebrate them today. 


We will be carrying out the Phonics Screening Test this half term. Some children will do it near the beginning of the half term, and some will do it nearer the end. They will come out of class and spend 10 minutes or so reading 40 words to Mrs Hudson – 20 are pseudo (made-up) words, the remaining 20 are real.


In Maths, we will continue our adding and subtracting focus for the first 4 weeks and then move onto Money and finding different ways to make totals too £1. Any opportunities you have for helping your child with this will be greatly appreciated. We set up a shop in the classroom where the children have to ‘buy’ toys and give us the correct total in order to play it! You could perhaps put prices on their treats and ask them to select the correct coins to pay for them. Begin with amounts to 10p and then build up to 10p/50p and then to £1. If you can also help your child learn o’clock, half and quarter past, as well as quarter to, that would really help them leading up to our time focus.


In English this half term, our core texts will be:

  • Flo of the Somme by Hilary Robinson
  • Mog's Calamity Christmas - Judith Kerr
  • Claude in the City by Alex T Smith


These texts will provide many writing opportunities including writing in role, examining poetry, using persuasive language and recording personal events.


We will continue to learn new spelling patterns through homophones and alternative spellings for sounds already taught such as gn- & kn. Additionally we will start to learn the correct spelling of the common exception words and apply these in our independent writing. We will also learn common suffixes such as –ful, -ness and –ly, and apply them to our reading and writing. We will also write words that contain an apostrophe for contraction – don’t, can’t etc. We will also learn how to use the apostrophe to demonstrate possession- the baker’s cat.


We will continue to do regular whole class reading comprehensions and develop our phonic knowledge, revisiting alternative graphemes and pronunciations using spelling patterns we practised during Year 1.   


Please have a look at our Curriculum Overview for parents below which I have uploaded for you to see what we are aiming to learn about this half term.


Parent Curriculum Overview Autumn 2

Factfile template for Spring term homework - you can use more than one for different challenges. More info to come!

Year 2 - Autumn Term

Class Monet

2 x Table Song

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Counting in 2s

2 Times Table Song

5 x Table Song

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10 x Table Song

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Horrible Histories Kings and Queens Song

Still image for this video
Challenge: Can you learn all the lyrics?


Stop, Look, Listen, Think

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British Council song to support road safety



Please note that the first five questions on the maths reasoning papers are aural.  these are read out to the children in class.

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