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Class Klee (Year 4)

Welcome to Class Klee 

Class Teacher: Mrs Higgs  

 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Griffin 

Teaching Cover: Mrs Rope  (Wednesday am & Thursday) 

Intervention Support: Mrs Spooner (Wednesday & Thursday)

Hello Everyone, 

We are so pleased to have you back at school and so excited to start Year 4 together. We have all been working very hard to plan some amazing topics for you this term and we are going to have a great time catching up after your time away. 


This term we will be asking the question: 'What have the Romans ever done for us?' as we discover the amazing lives of the 'Roaming Romans'. We will learn about the myth surrounding the origins of Rome, write instructions on how to be a Roman solider and learn about what happened when the Romans came all the way to England.


If you would like to find out more about the topics we will be studying this term have a look at the Year 4 Curriculum Map in the Key Information section of the website.


Don't forget to also have a look at the Parent Overview; The Year 4 Expectations and the Welcome to the Year Group Powerpoint below.    

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