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Update  Sunday 12th July 2020

We've made it to the last week- well done if you have kept working each week. I'm so proud of all of you who have been sensible, helpful to your families and worked hard through this strange time. I am still answering emails throughout the week so remember to keep in touch.



I have some good news!  Our school has been offered free access to a new educational website: 

I have put all of the information you need to access the games within the file below.  We have also been registered for a national competition that starts next Thursday. 

There is an information sheet linked below.









Below will be the English and maths for the coming week. I will also provide links to the foundation subjects available from BBC Bitesize which you can have a go at, although these are not compulsory.


Marking and communication

I have been pleased to hear from some of you about how you are finding this new way of learning. I have been working hard to make sure that this work is as easy to access as possible and am taking into account all your feedback. If you need any further resources or support, please do ping me an email.

With this in mind, I just wanted to give some clarification. I would be grateful if parents could mark maths (answers provided online with the questions) and if possible, English work just making sure that the work produced is appropriate for the task required and that spelling and basic grammar are not getting forgotten. This means any difficulties encountered can be identified quickly and any extra support given.

I'd love to see pictures of the work (just the page is fine) to see how well all the children are doing.

Thank you for your continued support 




I have written below some information to help you complete this weeks tasks. You should aim to complete one English and one maths task each day if possible. All work should be recorded in your home learning books as neatly as possible.


Spelling will be set , please ask an adult to test you each Friday and send me your results via email. The list of spellings are further down the page.


Week beginning 13/07/2020

Activities will continue to be posted which provide learning tools and activities for English and maths. Please do not print these sheets. All answers should be recorded in your home learning books. Write the date and the name of the task so it is clear. Complete tasks in the order they are provided to you.  Sometimes in class we take a few days to cover a topic. If you're finding something really hard then please, with an adult, email me to let me know that either you are going to take some extra time or you need me to provide more resources to help you.


W/C 13/07/2020

Please use the link below to take you to the BBC bitesize website. There is an English activity for each day focused mainly around different areas of grammar with a reading focus on Friday. Please continue to record this work neatly into your home learning books. The extension activity can be completed if you wish/have time, however this is not expected. There is no expectation to spend longer than an hour on these activities. I am aware some days there are more activities than others, just complete what you can. 


Monday- To read and use text.

Tuesday- To investigate legends.

Wednesday- To analyse legends.

Thursday- To write a myth.

Friday- Reading skills.








As from Week 4 ( and continuing henceforth) the maths lesson activities will be on the class web page below. White Rose Maths activities are no longer free of charge.  However, Crockenhill Primray School subscribes to White Rose Maths so that we can access the lesson activities for you!

BBC Bitesize and White Rose Maths have now partnered up - additional support and content will link up.

Please log on to  . Watch the videos before completing the White Rose worksheet activities. I have linked the answers below for adults to mark.

I have also included a maths extension for you, if you wish to do it. This is completely up to you. 


W/C 13/07/2020

We are now aligned with the White Rose 12 week plan.

On Friday use Bitesize to complete the 'Challenge of the Week' as usual.



You can have a go at these activities from BBC Bitesize by following this link: 

They can be completed in any order, but this shows when they are available.

Art  Week:

Monday: Musical Performance

Tuesday: Artists and Art

Wednesday: Drama and theatre

Thursday: Singing and wellbeing

Friday: Ten pieces takeover


 W/C 13/06/2020 

Monday: Science challenge: Spectacular space.

Tuesday and Wednesday: UK coaching.

Thursday: Dance and Music: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, The Mad Hatter Tea Party- Riddles and Rhymes.

Friday: Cooking- How to cook pancakes on the hob.


Our class teacher is Miss Franklin and our teaching assistant is Mrs Barnes.


Mrs Booker provides cover on a Thursday teaching science and art.

Reminder - 

Spellings will continue to be set on a weekly basis and the weekly spelling list for the Summer terms are on the class web page below

along with a copy of the statutory Year 5/6 spelling list 



There is not any new challenge homework being set at this time. Please complete your home learning as directed above.

We had an Ancient Greek themed day.

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