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Class van Gogh (Year 6)

Welcome to Class Van Gogh: Year 6 2021-22



 Teachers: Miss Welsford 

Mrs Rope - Tuesday (pm) 


Teaching Support: Mrs Barnes - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (am)



Updated: 29th April


To prepare the children for the SATS tests in May, this term there will be no challenge homework sheet, instead children will bring home weekly Maths and English to complete each Friday.  Both pieces of work should be completed and returned to school by the following Tuesday.  Children who do not complete homework will be asked to complete it at school during their break times on Wednesdays.  There will also be optional Mymaths and Education City activities each week if the children would like to complete these as well.

Have a go at some of the worksheets below - choose the topics you would like to revise.

Home Learning Work


Hello Parents and Children, 


This section is for those that are at home but are feeling well enough to work.


On this page you will find lessons for Maths, English and Foundation Subjects for this week.


Please use your homework book to record your work. For most subjects you will have a video or powerpoint to watch/read and then activities to follow - an adult will go through your work with you when you are back in the classroom.


Miss Welsford


Follow the links to watch the videos that match with the work sheets below.



Reading Comprehension

Watch the videos and complete the activities for the reading topic 'The Giant's Necklace'.

Welcome to the Year Group Meeting


White Rose Maths Overview