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Class van Gogh (Year 6)

Friday 8th January 

Welcome to Van Gogh Class 2020-21



 Teachers: Mrs Simber - Monday to Thursday

Miss Taplin (PPA cover) Thursday (pm) & Friday

Teaching Support: Mrs Barnes - Monday to Friday (am)  

Happy New Year! 

I hope you have all had a relaxing break and have enjoyed spending time within your family bubble!

Thank you to everyone that gave Mrs Barnes, Miss Taplin and myself gifts at the end of last term.

They were very much appreciated (especially the vouchers - thank you)

Spring Term Home Learning - Week 1

Each day you need to complete English, Maths and one foundation subject 


We will be following lessons by the National Oak Academy. Each day I will be providing you with an explanation of the activity that  I will be asking you to complete. You will need to record the date and LO (as you do in school)  in your home learning book. Our home learning focus unit  is  'Oliver Twist '  which also links to our history focus on 'The Victorians'.

Friday 8th January 

LO: To plan the first part of an opening scene

The work completed over the next few days will lead into a piece of writing about the opening scene. Follow the video - pause when directed - complete the writing tasks 


Click on the link below to take you directly to the lesson

Weekly Reading & Comprehension 

To be completed before Friday 8th Jan Log into your Education City account   click on the 'CLASS WORK TAB' then onto Home Learning Week 1 - Complete the reading comprehension task (this is not part of your homework)

Weekly Spellings  - Daily practice  of 10 minutes a day

You have 16 words to practice for this week - these are not new words but some are tricky and will need practising  Use  the Look - Cover- Write - Check method to learn your spellings. Week 1 list is on the 'Spelling Spring overview 2021' (see below) Our weekly spelling test  is TODAY - Friday 8th - via  the Zoom meeting at 2.30-3.00pm


Teaching videos on the White Rose Maths website will match to the daily lessons and will provide teaching input. 

Complete the follow up work in your home learning book or print out the worksheet  to record your answers on.


Friday 8th January 

LO: To divide decimals by 10, 100 and 1000 

Complete the 'Get Ready' questions before moving onto 'Lets Learn' work through and pause the video to answer questions within the lesson. This lesson is all about understanding  how the digits move to the right when they are divided by 10, 100 and 1000. Most of you should be able to complete Q1 - Q4 if you get stuck past Q4  make up some of your own decimal numbers and then divide them by 10, 100 and 1000


When you have finished your work you can have a go at the maths decimal activity 'Divisible Me ' that I have set for you on Education City. The work is in the  Classwork tab  under Home Learning Week 1 


Maths work will now be marked in the Zoom meeting / available after Zoom 



Friday 8th Jan - Maths Worksheet


Friday 8th January

LO: To Learn about our wonderful World - Water
Follow the video - pausing at the appropriate points to complete the activities 

Click on the link below to take you directly to the lesson



White Rose Maths Overview

Welcome to the Year Group Meeting